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About LinKon AS


​​LinKon AS provides services in the intersection of energy, climate, communication and training. Project coordination and assistance, project development and proposals, market analyses, events, presentations and training courses are part of the services – all aiming to promote energy efficiency and CO2 reduction and other sustainable climate measures.


Are you looking for a consultant within these areas of expertise? At LinKon you can get it done!


LinKon is owned and run by Liv Randi Lindseth. She has 20 years of experience with project management, project development and proposal work, national and international networking focusing on behavioural changes, policy instruments, Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), energy and climate education, training programs and branding. Lindseth has been involved with development and management of several large international projects in the EIE/Horizon 2020 framework.


Lindseth is also currently involved with projects focusing on promotion and improvement of the EPC model, assists in several municipal processes, develop educational programs and offer trainings within the field of energy and climate. 


LinKon has broad knowledge of energy, energy sources, energy use, energy saving and the consequences of climate gas emissions, climate changes and communication targeted at a range of target groups.


On the reference list there are several large and long-lasting projects for various customers like; ​


  • The Nordic Council of Ministers

  • EU's program for Energy Efficiency; Intelligent Energy Europe and Horizon 2020

  • The Norwegian energy agency, Enova SF

  • The Ministry of Climate and Environment (Klima og Miljødepartementet/KLD)

  • The Norwegian Environment agency (Miljødirektoratet/MD)

  • Municipalities and Counties


LinKon has a large network among stakeholders and market players in the energy and climate sector, regional and national authorities, public building owners and municipalities/counties in Norway and in Europe.


LinKon has its' eyes set on the target and a proactive approach to the assignments at hand. In addition, you get a consultant with a more than average passion for energy and climate issues.


Good cooperation skills and a wish to achieve results though good and competent cooperation partners has priority. LinKon can offer unique competence within energy, climate, communication and education with a documented ability to move from plan to action!


For more information, references or publications, please do not hesitate to contact:

Liv Randi Lindseth

Tel: +47 95 22 04 82


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